Lily Love

Lily Love was born in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Before she even knew what her true calling in life is, Lily was working as a nanny in Germany. Lily mentions those wild German swinger parties as the main reason for her sexual awakening. You can see how this open European outlook influenced her work: when it comes to sex, it looks like Lily has no limits. She will do anything to get herself and her partner off, no matter how dirty and/or kinky it is. Lily has quite a unique look, it can be considered sophisticated, European, femme fatale-ish. We just call it the Lily Love look. Her natural charisma, sexual magnetism and all-natural body will leave you begging for more. Even if you are not really familiar with Lily's work, you can just pick any scene and you'll get an instant classic, because she's that damn good at what she does. Do not waste your precious time, get ready to discover a true diva.