Janice Griffith

The porn sensations sweeping the nation, Janice Griffith was born in New York City, New York on July 03, 1995. Her adult industry debut happened really-really fast. After she turned 18, Janice jumped into the industry after signing up on James Deen's website. Griffith entered the business with a degree of confidence that was unparalleled (still is). Janice his big beautiful brown eyes, tanned body and perfect features. She admits that she lost her virginity at the age of 13 and she also doesn't shy away from the fact that she doesn't know exactly how many guys and girls she slept with prior to her adult industry debut. Griffith's first scene was an incredibly challenging one, it was a double penetration scene. Which, ironically, made her a star overnight. Everyone was buzzing about this Janice girl and rightfully so, Griffith stole the show. Even though she wasn't very familiar with bondage before porn, Janice was always eager to try anything BDSM-related. Obviously, she got her chance to do that and so much more. Storied career, diverse filmography, countless accolades and a burning desire to stay on top of her game. That's what Janice Griffith is, a real success story and a role model!