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Courtney Taylor

Courtney Taylor was born on May 07, 1988 in Thousand Oaks, California. The best way to describe this bombshell… Well, it's hard – words don't do her justice. But if you were to build a porn star from the ground up, the end result would look exactly like Courtney Taylor. A tanned, busty blonde with an amazing ass, everything about her is so goddamn seductive and straight-up fuckable. Nothing about Courtney is subtle, her tits are big, in in-your-face-big way, her legs are slender and long and those pumped-up lips that will drive any man wild with lust. When you see a girl like that, you can't help but think "the bigger the better". One of the filthiest girls in porn, Taylor would do everything to keep you entertained and aroused. This girl is positively shameless and that's something we love about her. Taylor is not just a blonde bimbo porn star, though – she has an incredible personality, really quick witted and kinda larger-than-life. Taylor remains one of the most popular blondes in porn, she remains one of the most popular MILFs in porn… you get the picture. Taylor is a legendary performer and you can experience all of her greatest hits in high quality and how awesome is that!